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Service First, Hosting Always

Starting as a Remote Help Desk team, we came face-to-face with customers' daily struggles with sub-par technicians. We came to the conclusion that Better Service Makes Better Sites and decided to work towards saving the internet customer-by-customer from the frustration of unhelpful and redirect-happy call centers. Our help desk origins mean Service Comes First because better service makes better sites.

What we do



We Keep Your Website Up and Running

Service First, Hosting Always. Our goal is to not only provide you with premium US-Based support, a clean ad-free user interface, and flexible hosting plans to fit your needs. We also aim to maintain some of the most competitive uptimes in the market. Websites have changed, the internet is evolving — isn’t it time your Hosting Provider does too?



Web Hosting Made Easy!

Starting your first website can be daunting. Transferring your website can be intimidating. Fear not, supportdesk offers our “Quick Start” and “Quick Transfer” support for FREE. Our professionals have a pathway to help you begin or keep going with a New & Better hosting option, us! No wasting time guessing or restarting. Get your site on the web with your new professional web team.

Why Choose Us?

Reliability, Speed, and Security
We maintain a premium level of SSL and Security for our billing and customer portal interface.
Responsive Design
Your user portal, ticket system, and account interface will work on any device!
Clean Services Management
Ever join a hosting company and wonder what you have and what's being sold? Our Add-Free Client Dashboard keeps your services clear!
Free Web Tools & Applications
We utilize 1-Click installation interfaces and free "Quick Start" and "Quick Transfer" services for our customers.
24/7 Award Winning Support
Our help desk origins mean our service is top quality, we employ a US-Based staff to not only answer questions but help solve problems.
Premium Uptime & Speed
supportdesk Online Hosting is an affordable option to your hosting needs with our Price Match Promise, with the support of a premium hosting solution.